Full of Creativity


Above is the view from our balcony. It was taken after a fierce storm one evening. The sun broke through and bathed the village in the most wondrous light 

It seems an age ago that I got my Robo, but it is in fact a year. It's amazing how much you can learn in that time. I have always loved pop-up cards and have enjoyed the challenge of learning how to design them.

Below are some of my creations, designed and then patiently put together by me.


3 Delightful Cards to Celebrate New Arrivals

Baby Blocks Baby's Cot Baby's Pram 


3 Magnificent Buildings, wonderfully complicated designs.

 Knight's CastleFairytale Castle Mansion House 


3 Designs based on the Garden

 Garden BenchFlower Pots Garden Shed 


Time to relax, on the beach, in the garden or in the country.

 Paradise BeachGarden Hammock The Water Mill 


Different modes of Transport

 An Old CarMotorbike Venice        


A girly one and 2 more romantic ones

 Wishoe Card         Romany Caravan Princess Carriage 


3 Cards showing different pop-up lettering.

Nice Sentiment             Graduation Congrats A Photographers Card 


One for the boys and a party invitation.

Layered Lettering    Pontiac Sedan           Celebration   


An Oriental pop-up with co-ordinating lettering. Santa's Sled!

 Pagoda          Lettering Santa's Sled 


3 new designs, trying to find more ideas for men's cards.

 Yacht Scene      Winner's Trophy DIYer's Birthday 



After many hours of experimentation, we have the new 'Framed Pop-up'

Ballet Stage 

Flower shop Manger Scene 


A mother fairy sitting in a flower, cradles her baby. 


A beautiful cot and box, complete with mobile. The perfect 3D card for a birth or christening. NEW, a pram, as an alternative to the cot. Strong enough for you to place a small gift in. 

 A simple and elegant wedding card. 


  Beautify                Boudoir   

Lakeside Dreams


 Same design, 2 different looks. A nice Valentine card, drama in black and red. Then a wedding or engagement card, elegant in cream and gold.


 Simple no frills vertical pop-up card. Great for men.

Pop-up trellis rocking horse. makes a nice Birthday card for a special baby.


 A lovely lace corset on a stand. Cut from parchment and gently embossed. Used here as a wedding card.

The wedding cake is cut from 2 colours of irridescent paper and mounted with 3d pads.


 3 new designs.  Baby Boy pop-up as an arch with stork centre, there is of course a girl version. The birthday cake pop-up, which the photo doesn't do justice to. And finally the rose lattice medallion, a very intricate design with impact.


For some neat packaging templates free of charge look here


If you like pop-ups, here are a few sites worth looking at: